About Finca Cote

Located in a secluded mountain area, Finca Cote is up for sale to the discriminating buyer looking for a substantial piece of property. The farm is near the town of Nuevo Arenal, about halfway between La Fortuna and Tilaran. As you climb up from the main road you’ll get a sense of how remote and secluded the farm is as you approach. Then, you’ll crest the hill and Lake Cote presents itself. A gorgeous mountain lake surrounded by forest. But, remote doesn’t mean primitive, the property does have electricity and phone service.

There are 2 homes on the 168.5hectare(416acre) farm property. The main house and the caretaker’s house located adjacent to the main house. Both were built about 20 years ago and are concrete and wood frame construction.

The main house is one level of 300m2 with patios on both ends of the house, one has the view of Lake Cote and the other is more secluded but with views of the surrounding forested mountains. There are 9 bedrooms, 6bathrooms, a main sitting room with a fireplace, kitchen, a smaller sitting room, dining area, utility room, and storage room. Originally built as a lodge or B&B there is ample room to operate it as such or plenty of room to entertain visiting family and friends.

Slightly below the main house about 30m away is the caretaker’s house. A single family home of around 150m2 with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and storage room. Built to house the family of the property’s caretaker who works full time maintaining the farm.

All this for the amazingly low price of $1.33/meter! Contact us to make an appointment to view the property or ask any questions you may have.

A flyover video of Finca Cote.

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